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How E cigarette works

It is generally irritating when person smokes next to you, but more annoying when you are not a smoker. Scientist have come up with smokeless cigarettes, commonly known as electronic cigarette. 

ecigsE-cigarettes are considered as one of the safest way of consuming nicotine. E cigarette does not contain tobacco and does not require a flame. It does not contain most of the common harmful chemical which are common in smoking tobacco such as carbon dioxide and tar. Reading the e cigs facts and myths, is a good idea to get a complete picture of how e cigs work.

How electronic cigarette works.

E-cigar has three component; -battery

  • -atomizer.
  • -liquid delivery pipe.

Battery-this is the source of power for the cigar, it acts like source of flame in convectional cigarette. In most cases, batteries are rechargeable.

Battery can be triggered when the person draws breath, thus the battery will trigger atomizer to change liquid nicotine to vapour.

Atomizer- this is the heart of electronic cigarette. Nicotine in the cigar is generally in liquid form, for it to be used, it need to be changed into vapour form.

When the user turns on the battery, it triggers atomizer to change liquid nicotine into vapour that is consumable.

The atomizer has a coil which is covered by the wicking material and it is joined to positive and negative poles of the battery. When activated, the coil quickly heats up thus turning the liquid into a vapour which is used by the user.

Pipe-after the atomizer has changed liquid nicotine into vapor, the vapor is drawn by the user through the pipe. It is usually made is such a way that the pressure needed to withdraw liquid is low.

The common liquid used in electronic cigarettes are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and polyethylene glycol which are mixed with nicotine at very high concentration and flavors. The liquid is usually sold in cartridge or bottle and is used to refill the cigar when it dries up.

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