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Privacy Policy

The terms of Privacy policies adopted by http://freeecigaretteoffers.com aims to protect user information and the following policies are in effect to this site only. By accessing and consequently using this site, you are agreeing to comply with the terms of the privacy policy mentioned herewith and approve that non personal information may be collected automatically by the website. In the event of your non agreement to the terms mentioned below, it is strongly advised that you kindly stop using our website.

In order to respond effectively to user queries, fulfil user requests and manage interactive association with the users, our website collects information like name, contact number, contact address and email address. Such personally identifiable data obtained from the users may also include the information and analytics data that is submitted voluntarily by the user. We also collect information stored in the log files such as your IP address, your ISP information, the browser you used and the time of your visit to our site.

Our website saves the details of those users who have registered with us willingly and the information given to us by the users are maintained with utmost security. Freeecigaretteoffers.com has fruitfully endeavoured in minimising and preventing illegal access to the data and improper and inaccurate use of such personal information submitted to us by our users. We share the personal information collected only after attaining consent of the user to prevent law violation and fraud.

Disclosure of personal information of the user may also be done if they are requested by proper legal authorities and demanded in the court of order and law. Such disclosure of information is made to ensure that our website conforms to edicts of legal processes, and also to protect and defend the rights of the website and its visitors. Our website may also disclose information in order to identify individuals who misuse the site or violate the law and also to cooperate with investigation of any purported illegal and unlawful activities.

Our website may allow advertisements from the third party websites. The users are requested to be aware that we do not hold liability for the privacy practices or the terms of business of these third party sites, we therefore encourage you to read the legal notices and policies of every site you visit. It must also be understood that we do not share personally identifiable data given to us by the users with any third party website.

From time-to-time our website including its advertisers may send a cookie, which is a small piece of data, to your browser. This may be stored in your computer's hardware. Cookies do not damage your system; neither can these read data off your system. We and our advertisers use cookies to count the number of times you have visited our website and also to identify areas that you visited. This is done to increase the personalization of the website and its content, to ensure full user satisfaction.

Freeecigaretteoffers.com is in full support and compliance with the Children's Online Act-COPPA and we do not collect information knowingly or share information of the children under age 13. Also children who are 18 years or below, are strictly advised to use the site under parental guidance.

By using this website you are consenting to the surveys that may be made by our website or our advertisers and in such an event, you are also agreeing that your non personal information may be shared with our sponsors and advertisers in order to improve our content. We reserve the right to change any part of the privacy policy and modify the pages of the website at any time and frequency without any prior notice.

For any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or the user of http://freeecigaretteoffers.com, please contact us at: support@freeecigaretteoffers.com, or through our contact us page.

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