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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions
Any information found here (http://freeecigaretteoffers.com)
is for advisory purposes to 18 year olds and above irrespective of the countries of origin. Aimed at relaying information and resultantly discourage the smoking of cigarettes. However let it be clear that as much as we do not support the abuse of narcotics our encouragement fro the same is not also guaranteed, therefore we do not accept any legal liability to perceived misuse of this product.

Gathering of information
This particular page is of authority to assembling of cookies that aid to reveal unnecessary pieces of information regarding our products. Such cookies will be inclusive of the Internet Protocol address, the user statistics and also page viewing statistics. Any information displayed on this page will be for purposes of administration only therefore the possibility of sale to a third party is not possible. Nevertheless disclosure of such information as your email address and full names may be relevant in providing access only. Therefore we guarantee protection from any tampering with your data.

The electronic cigarette company will put it clear that it offers no warranty for any would be or perceived misuse of its products. The company will therefore not be liable to any of the information derived, read or otherwise misinterpreted from this page. This may be containing any technological errors, typographic or photographic errors which we do not identify with. The information may also be incomplete, out dated and inaccurate, we therefore do not accept any liability legal or moral fro would be misuse of information acquired from this page.

Terms of usage
Access to our website will automatically imply that you have accepted our terms and conditions on this particular page. We may therefore find it necessary to remove information originally found on our page without prior information relayed to our users.

Minors' policy
This website as stated earlier was created fro adults use only. It is therefore sufficiently and conditioned illegal for any minor to put to use any of the companies products as stipulated in the children's act. With this state, the electronic company therefore shoulders no liability or responsibility for the abuse of cigarettes by minors.

Other policies
Free E Cigarette Offers strong reference to marketing the company does not liars with neither agrees to accept any strategies for marketing and ideas posted to us by the customers.
Considering third parties websites our acknowledgement is very limited, reason being we do not have control for these websites ad will therefore not accept liability of whatever the actions the site does.

Any questions regarding the company are welcome however this we limit to persons of age alone, therefore we do not answer to queries raised by minors.

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